Bezarr is the fastest growing cannabis couponing platform, with over 27k monthly user visits throughout Bezarr’s properties.

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Bezarr is a mobilized resource that is convenient for users, by listing the best deals & happy hour offers. Coupons are the #1 most effective solution to drive more traffic to a business. Increase your chances of brand awareness & success by advertising with Bezarr. Stand out from your competitors in a unique approach & reliable platform.


Our goal is to promote your coupon offers or deals to the masses and help your business grow in traffic conversion. We offer several methods of ad campaigns depending on the business type you have.


Dispensary & Delivery

Connecting with local patients is the most effective way you can advertise at Bezarr. You want to be able to reach out new & existing patients within a reasonable traveling distance.


Online Retail

Your business is not categorized as a ‘high risk business’ at Bezarr. We offer plenty of ad opportunities for your business. Our users are all cannabis consumers which is exactly the crowd you need to reach out to.


Bezarr is a great source to advertise your business, promoting your offers on Bezarr is an easier and more convenient way for vendors to find your business.

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